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Before Posting Here & "Why was my thread deleted?!"


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Before posting your feature request:

-Look to see if the feature is already there!

Most people would be amazed at the number of threads for features that exist already. So open utorrent up, and take a look around.

-Search the forums

The forum has a built in tidy search. The feature you want has probably already been suggested! If it has then read the thread and gauge the response. It will tell you if it's going to be accepted or not.

-Read the FAQ

Always read the FAQ. Always.

By following these steps you save yourself

a) some time waiting for a reply and

B) you avoid humiliation and angry mods/forum members.

Why was my thread deleted?

Your thread will be deleted upon sight if it is obvious that you have not performed the above steps.

Finally, Each post has a report button. You can help moderators moderate quicker with it. Feel free to use it whenever necessary.


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