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No "Files Inside Torrent" Window When Loading Torrents on Windows7 x64


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Hello All,

Recently Upgraded my computer, and having trouble with utorrent.

On my old computer when I would load a torrent, I'd get a dialog window showing details like what files are inside the torrent, and giving me an option to click a ticker box on the files to download or not.

Since installing the new version 2.0 build 18296 this window has disappeared!

I have the box checked in my settings under:

UI Settings > When Adding Torrents > Show a window that displays the files inside the torrent.

I have ticked and unticked and applied this setting, and added torrents via dropping clicking and adding from utorrent itself. I've even tried the right click and running utorrent as an "administrator"

No matter what I do, the torrents just drop in and I never see my files inside torrent dialog window?

Any help or suggestions are much appreciated!


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