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Erroer Ref. "User-mapped section"


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Hello Everyone,

I hope this is in the corrrect forum, I could not see one with 'error messages' as a heading.

I am not able to find an answer for this problem, neither a question similar to it, in the pages I searched - I must admit that I did not look through all 600 odd pages.

I have just downloaded uTorrent 2.0 Build 18296 today. I looked at the information available under the Help tab. I could not find an 'exact' copy of my problem, and I do not really understand half of the technical terms associated with the part that carried some answers.

When I tried to download, the download went for 8% and stopped with the error message - "The requested operation cannot be performed with a user-mapped section open"

I could not find out what or where a 'user-mapped section' is, or how it could be closed.

I found some instructions that stated that a "forced start" should be tried. This I did, only to have the same error show.

I have just upgraded from XP to Windows 7- I have 877 GB on the hard drive and 2 GB of RAM.

I use AVG 9 Free - which has indicated tracking cookies, yieldmanager being found during the download at a certain location, but being only a tracking cookie, I will not quote the location here.

If required, I could name what I tried to download, but at this time, I am not sure if that information will help.

I would be grateful for two answers.

How I can get over this particular problem, and where I can find an "Idiot's Guide" to using uTorrent. As I mentioned above, I have no idea about some of the meanings of the trechnical terms that are to be found in some answers to some problems.

Many thanks in advance


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