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Setup says my configuration is good but slow speeds


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So I had to login to my router and enable UPnP and once I did that Utorrent became recognized under my routers settings. I ran the setup guide for 'bandwidth' and 'network' and I got 2 green arrows. So i figured I was good to go.

However, in the 'Downloading' window at the bottom I still get the red balloon exclamation saying in still 'not connect-able' even though I passed the bandwidth and network tests. I average about 1.5Kbps on each torrent.

My settings: I live in an apartment building so I connect to an Ethernet jacked into the wall and then I connect to a TP link router WR541G and run my torrents through the wireless connection. Ive tried doing an Ethernet into the the laptop, Ive disconnected my router and plugged the laptop straight into the building's Ethernet jack and still the same results.

I have the encryption protocol set to enabled and Im allowing incoming legacy connections.


Thank for any help, if theres any other piece of info I can provide Id be happy to answer:)

PS- I read the stickies and now Im needing the opinion of experts

PPS- Utorrent 2.0

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Hey thanks for the help.

And yes after doing an ipconfig check it says my IP is of a 172.16X.X

I also did an ipconfig while I was on wireless and got 192.168,X,X so it does appear Im on a LAN network but its funny as Ive never really had problems until I installed 2.0 version I noticed alot slower speeds. Ive tried rolling back to 1.85 but I didnt see too much of a difference. Also, come to think of it my ISP recently changed their networks in order for us students to be able to download and upload more info. I wonder if that has something to do with it.

But its weird, I was downloading a few torrents yesterday and even though the icon was changing from red to yellow and sometimes back to red, some of the torrents were flying at like 300Kbps.

Im interested when I go home for spring break the first thing Im going to do is look at my desktop at home and see if Utorrent has the same problems as Im having here at school.

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Agreed with DWK. I can really only see 2 variables that have affected my speeds. My ISP recently upgraded our networks to allow us more bandwidth and I installed the 2.0 version.

I dont know what else to do, I think Ive read every thread out there.

If I log into my router is there anything else I can do? I read through the manual for 2.0 and they said to enable UpNP in your router and that should solve any problems. So I did but I still am having problems. And still when I run the setup guide built into 2.0 version I still get 2 green arrows


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