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cannot connect through pc's on same network when others do connect


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Hi there,

i am using utorrent for my download.

the thing is i download content from office and the hostel where i live - both are having same proxy. the network is connected to www via a proxy which is common to both office pc and hostel pc. the thing is i can download content from office pc but the hostel pc shows offline timeout error for the trackers and the seeds are not shown (let alone connect).

i tried installing and downloading from office pc having utorrent and they work perfectly giving good download speeds. the pc i n office are connected in network following way:

pc-wireless switch-proxy server-internet

the pc in hostel (in same campus as office) are connected as :

pc-lan-switch-proxy server- internet.

that is the only difference in the two setups that i can figure. and one connects to torrents and others doesnt at all.

what might be the problem i dont understand.

please help me out because the hostel pc are more accessible 24 hours where i live.

PS:- i checked whether the ports are forwarded properly through hostel pc - they are.

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