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UTORRENT 2.0 Disk Overload: freezes PC


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This is my problem:

When utorrent is downloading files, it is always reading/writing to disk intensively:

-Hard Disk led is continuosly blinking.

-The problem is that this Disk Overload provoques my computer "freezes"

-Rest of applications running on PC does't work.

I have tested all type of configurations found in the forums:

-Changing Windows Disk cache options.

-Disabling NOD 32 Firewall and exluding utorrent.exe.

-Executing utorrent.exe in Vista compatibility mode.

-Setting utorrent cache size (32 Mb, 64 Mb, ...)

-Changing Utorrent Disk cache options:

With this last option I have experienced better results, but disk continues reading/writing all the time and all applications that need disk usage don't work.

Example: TV Tuner.

Mi Configuration is:

Software Tested: UTORRENT 2.0 & UTORRENT Beta (2.0.1 build 18284)

Windows 7 x64

NOD32 (Antivirus + Firewall)


Hard Disk: Western Digital Caviar Green 1 Tb (cache 64 Mb)

Anybody has the same problem?

Any idea?

Any suggestion or new test I could do should be appreciated. I have no more ideas to test.


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I was having this problem, too, after installing a fresh retail copy of Windows 7 from the RC version yesterday. uTorrent had never given me that problem in two years of use (or so) until I installed it on the retail version. I push my transfers pretty hard to the wall because I've got a good pipe, so I figured it wasn't a coincidence that all of a sudden it was giving me problems, there must be something with Win7 x64.

So, after tinkering around with procexp, I noticed Windows Sideshow (which wasn't part of the RC release) kicked off right at the time it got another Disk Overload error. In my case Sideshow was tying Windows Media Player to my Logitech G15 mono.

Now, mine didn't freeze my system, just prevented uTorrent from continuing to transfer to and from. I killed the Sideshow service, and immediately both caches dropped to nil and ran just fine. I've been continuing to download the same files tonight with no further problem, whereas when that service was running, the Disk Write Cache would overload in about 10 minutes or quicker.

Perhaps there are different services affecting different people, but this is a direction to start looking. It seemed like it was using just enough memory to mess with uTorrent long enough to cause it to fill it's write cache and get stuck.

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Sorry for the delay but I have made hundreds of tests.

Thanks to both.

1)To Switeck

>Is there any file indexer/s running, scanning uTorrent's files every time a file changes?

Yes, Windows indexing service was running over uTorrent disk. I disabled it but it didn't work.

So I have tested all the options of the links you sent me but they didn't work

2)To digriz60

The service "Windows Sideshow" does not exist in my system, but I am very interested in the way you have solved the problem.

I start procexp.exe but I can't see any reference of disk cache used by processes.

How did you find it?

Thanks both again.

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These are my cache preferences(copied from this forum):

Unticked "Overide automatic cache size...",

ticked "Reduce memory usage when cache is not needed".

Under Advanced cache settings I have

unticked "Enable caching of disk writes",

ticked "Enable caching of disk reads",

unticked "turn off read caching if the upload speed is slow",

ticked "remove old blocks from cache",

unticked "increase automatic cache size when cache thrashing",

ticked "disable windows caching of disk writes" and

unticked "disable windows caching of disk reads".

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UNcheck "Reduce memory usage when cache is not needed".

UNcheck "remove old blocks from cache",

CHECK "disable windows caching of disk reads".

"So I have tested all the options of the links you sent me but they didn't work"

But I didn't send you any links.

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I was talking about this links below your messages:

1st:Have you tried Ultima's Troubleshooting Guide?: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=15992

2nd:Recommended uTorrent settings: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=58404

3rd:Canned bad news replies: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php … 27#p192027

4th:Sequential downloading DESTROYS torrents!: http://www.azureuswiki.com/index.php/Se … ing_is_bad

Now I'm testing cache options you sent me. I will send results.


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