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Bandwidth cap in scheduler


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It'd be so useful to include the bandwidth cap features in the scheduler. I'm on Virgin Media, and they cut your download bandwidth by 75% for 5 hours if you go over cap during peak times. Since cap limits are different for different times of day (e.g. 10am to 3pm has a 3GB cap, 4pm to 9pm has a 1.5GB cap) it's not possible to do with the current cap feature.

More info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virgin_Media#Bandwidth_throttling

Yes, I could just cap my speed to a level which prevents such cap levels being overrun during these times, but that presents the problem that if a high speed peer is on for only one hour of that time, I miss out because my download speed is capped. If I had unlimited speed but a cap was in place, I could download a lot more from that peer.

Another cool feature would be local subnet global cap, whereby clients communicated their transfer stats across the LAN using something like UDP broadcast. This would allow uTorrent clients on a network to measure the total transfer amount of the entire network, and use their own rules to prevent a cap. This would be an opt-in feature, requiring some collaboration between users to set up (e.g. a pre-shared key for security, a common set of cap levels configured on each client).

Keep up the good work guys, glad to see some cool stuff happening in uTorrent.

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