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Can't open torrent file.. Need assistance


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This problem is getting on my nerves.

I accidently turned of my external hdd which is the hdd I download torrents on. There is a folder under F:\ "The External hdd" which is named "Torrents" where some of the torrent files exists. My problem is:

When I turned on utorrent without the hdd turned on it could ofcourse not find my files and everything went messed up. This is not the first time it has happend. I usually exit utorrent, switch on the hdd, then start utorrent again and do a force re-check. Now its saying he can't open torrent file, for some strange reason. Because it is located at the location where utorrent is tryin to open the file from.

I tried downloading the torrent again, no luck, even tried to delete the files downloaded and the torrent, redownload the torrent and then I just says.. can not open file.



This is shit important :)

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