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Utorrent causing internet instability.


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Hi there

About 3-4 months ago I started getting instability in my internet connection. Youtube's wouldn't load fully and when I would download anything from file hosting sites (mediafire, rapidshare etc) 50% of the time the download would stall midway through.

Then when I updated to 2.0 the problems got worse. Any streaming video (from any site) wouldn't load fully, downloads from file hosting sites would stall every time now and my browsing got very slow with lots of timed out pages.

At first I thought it was my internet connection so I got my ISP to check things. They tweaked some settings but that didn't change anything.

Then I decided to reboot my modem to factory settings and the problems disappeared. However when I port forwarded the problems returned. I thought the problem must have been my modem.

Then i read about reducing the global connections. I lowered it to 100 connections (even though my speed guide said I could do more) and the problems went away again briefly before returning ten minutes later.

I restored to factory settings again and it fixed things but then after 10 minutes the problems returned again even without my port forwarded.

Then I read about the TCP/IP limit problems in windows (I'm using XP). I checked under preferences>advance and both my net.max_halfopen and bt.connect_speed were below 10. I tried the soft memory patch fix (TCP-Z) and that didn't work. And then I did the system file TCP patch to increase the connection limit permanently and that didn't work either.

The only thing that worked to stop these problems was turning off utorrent completely so I finally decided that this version of utorrent had to be the problem.

So I uninstalled utorrent and reinstalled version 1.7.7 (as the problems had started when I had 1.8.5 running) and instantly all the issues I have had have stopped. Videos streamed fine, downloads stopped stalling and browsing is normal. I even loaded all the torrents I was seeding previously back on just to make sure it wasn't a connection overload and still everything is working fine.

So I just thought I'd post this just in case anyone else is experiencing similar problems and so the utorrent team could read it. Not sure if this was the right forum to do it or not (if not I apologise).

Will happily give anymore info I can if it will help/clarify anything.


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I have the same problem, only milder, still very annoying. And Im very sure it came right after I upgraded my utorrent, not sure from which versions I switched from-to. I can also add that the problem goes away when I turn off utorrent, and that I patched my tcp/ip a long time ago, before the problems started.

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