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Slow Download Speed


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My system is a Windows XP with service pack 3. My internet connection is 512 kbps (1:2) (i.e. download speed is 512 kbps (64 Kbps) and my upload speed is 256 kbps (32 Kbps). Previously, I was able to download using utorrent at approx. 50-55 Kbps. (I had set my upload speed at approx. 16-17 Kbps). I used to keep tweaking parameters here and there and I was able to keep up to 50-55 Kbps. At that point of time I was using utorrent v.1.8.2.

From the past 3 days approx., I am not able to download beyond the speed of 30-40 Kbps. I do not know what has lead to this sudden drop in the download speed. It could be possible that I have messed up some very important parameters and therefore I am in the current situation that I am in. I have also tried using the latest utorrent v.2.0, but the download speed does not go beyond 30-40 Kbps. I tried using the speedtest, and there is no change there in my upload and download speed from my ISP. My internet speed packageis as original. I then tried to check if my ISP is limiting my utorrent download (I used the link available in one of your posts here), but even the result of that test says that my ISP is not limiting my utorrent download speed.

I strongly feel that I seem to have messed up something in the setting. Kindly help.

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I installed my older version (1.8.2) again and reset the same setting which was there for version 1.8.2 previously and it seems to be back to normal. (This behaviour seems to be very funny because this version 1.8.2 settings was copied to version 2.0 and it did not work for version 2.0, but when I copied it back from version 2.0 to version 1.8.2, it works fine for version 1.8.2). If you want any more input from my side, kindly let me know and I will be glad to provide it to you to help you to fine tune version 2.0).

I need help on another issue now.

I wanted to know as to how do I accept connection form a peer whose IP in the Peers tab shows like this :-

xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx [utp].

I am getting very slow download connection speed of 0.2 kBp/s to 0.3 kBp/s from this utp peer.

I have Windows XP Service Pack 3 and Norton 360 installed.

Kindly help.

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That still doesn't tell me your uTorrent settings. :(

All those shown by CTRL+G window and any changed in advanced (* next to them) should suffice.

uTP peers/seeds won't work well with v1.8.2 ...but they may be bad because of problems on THEIR end as well!

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This is my setting in v.1.8.2 :-

Connection Type (Current Settings)

Upload Limit 16kB/s

Upload Slots 3

Connection (per-torrent) 40

Connection (global) 70

Max. active torrents 5

Max active downloads 3

In the Advanced settings, the only one which I have changed is :-

bt.prio_first_last_piece *true.

(This is the only one I think I changed because only this parameter has a "*" against the value). Rest is default (because, they do not have a "*").

The above same values, I had set for version 2.0, but they did not work for version 2.0.

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So potentially 5 torrents active at once which each try to get 40 connections each (if possible) but only allow 70 global connections -- which also includes outgoing connection ATTEMPTS, even if most of them fail.

The 16 KB/sec total upload speed is split between 5 torrents then that amount (~3 KB/sec each) is split between 3 upload slots per torrent, falling below uTorrent's hard-coded minimum upload speed causing it to reduce upload slots per torrent probably to only 1 or 2. This causes almost all of your upload to be randomly to other peers instead of mostly to the peers that have given you the most...which means the peers that gave you the most eventually quit giving much. :(

bt.prio_first_last_piece *true

...means uTorrent tries to force peers and seeds to give it the first and last pieces of the torrent (maybe even per file!) This will aggravate the above problems, because your client could end up with 1st and last pieces that almost everyone already has and nobody is interested in. So your client is left with fewer rare pieces to upload to others.

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I got some and did not get some of what you had to say (perhaps a little too technical). To put it in simple words, kindly guide me with the exact figures which I have to set each parameters to improve my upload/downloads.

My internet speed is 512 kbps (1:2) which means arithmetically, I get to download at the speed of approx. 64 KB/sec and upload at the speed of 32 KB/sec. But the throughput that I used to get actually was approx 55 KB/sec for downloads and approx. 18 KB/sec for uploads. But now with even those setting that I told you, I am not able to keep up to that also.

Therefore kindly guide me with the figures for those parameters to get approx. download and upload speed for my internet speed.

Thanks in advance.

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