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It's not a good idea to keep a LOT of torrents seeding at once, they end up crowding each other out. Each upload slot represents a peer you're uploading to, so if you have 25 KBytes/sec total upload speed and 5 active torrents with 5 upload slots each...the average upload speed that other people see when downloading from you might well be only 1 KByte/sec. Nobody really wants to download from other peers/seeds at speeds of less than 1 KB/sec each. In fact, I recommend 3-10 KBytes/sec per upload slot. So this means stopping some torrents probably...

If it's a choice between stopping some torrents but not others, stop the ones with the most seeds.

If you have a >1.0 ratio on a seeding torrent and there's a couple other seeds on it, don't feel bad about stopping it...it's not really your job to keep it seeding and there's still others to do so.

Most people have very little upload speed -- maybe even less than 50 KBytes/sec!

Even the "lucky" ones (on ADSL and many Cable ISPs) typically only have about 100 KBytes/sec.

So if you don't share...who will?

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