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tracker reports an invalid external ip - embedded tracker


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There seems to be a bug with the embedded tracker that is stopping it from reporting the port to both local (the seeder running in the same .exe) and external peers. At least this is as far as I got in testing since I am unaware of debugging support.

Kinda of a cross post, but there is lack of input and responses from the troubleshooting section:

I am willing to continue to test to help nail this down, but right now there seems to be something wrong with utorrents handling of it's embedded tracker in some circumstances since I think you would have many more posts about the embedded track not working 100% of the time.



edit - I used the latest beta and it still didn't work. Are there any debugging options I can use?

edit2 - Some more info. If I add the torrent on the seeding machine and have the peer connect, it just sits there. If I then update tracker on the seeding machine AFTER the peer tries to connect, the peer starts the download instantly. This is when using another client and NOT utorrent as the peer connecting.

So thinking that maybe something is happening too quickly within the embedded tracker and seeder, I start the seed, wait a minute, and click refresh tracker, and then connect the peer. It still sits there and ONLY starts the download until I have both the peer and seeding machine trying to communicate AND I click refresh tracker on the seeding machine. Something is weird here.

Some more side information. The peer machine says 1 peer exists, but doesn't connect to it.

Also, I do not have that error ( tracker reports an invalid external ip) anymore more since I moved to another peering machine running another client, Transmission 1.75. Just for poops and giggles.

So, something is behaving differently with utorrent than other clients communicating with the tracker. It's as if utorrent is not sending the port information to the tracker. Maybe someone can shed some more light on the differences I'm coming across.


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Yes I am getting the same issue. I saw your post in bug too.

I have tried various combinations including adding a new tracker to the standard


Under the Peers tab I have set Log Traffic to Logger Tab and have some additional info below

I get the following

Disconnect: Can't sync DH3 and also

Disconnect: No such torrent:

I have loaded the torrent to download on the same PC and it picks up the 1 (3) peers but no seeds.

The uploading torrent picks up 0 (2) under Seeds.

So I think the problem lies on the uploading torrent file as there are no Peers in the tab where as I can see the other PC on my downloading torrent.

Wow I hope that makes sense in the morning :)

Please note this is my first embedded torrent even though I have used uTorrent for years.

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