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Torrents Lost (well sort of)


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Ok, what happened was my pc died a week ago and have just got it fixed.

They had to re-format the hard drive but they managed to save some files.

I had a couple of big downloads running in utorrent when this happened and i have noticed today the shop managed to save the folder with all my partly downloaded files in.

My question is after i have re-installed utorrent i want to be able to carry on from where i left off with these downloads as there is a fair few gb of data downloaded.

When i re-install i know all the tasks will be empty. Is there any way to get it to carry on from where it left off??

If i have to start again it will be quite annoying.

All that is in 1 folder is partly done .avi files and i think the same in the other.

It was about 40% on one of the larger files. Am i able to carry on with this, with utorrent being able to 'remember' what parts were downloaded??

Any help would be greatly appreciated before i start the downloads from scratch again.

Thanks in advance :)

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Well if you happen to remember the torrent file name you can download the torrent itself again and run it again in utorrent and if that matches the data file for that torrent it will pickup from where it stopped or verify the file and continue on again. For me this was easier since I made folder for each process of the Utorrent program. But that will depend on how you have your utorrent from previously setups.

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