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Something is wrong with the seed/dl ratio!


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Someone explain this to me or help solving this:

File Share ration 1.866

I've downloaded: 2.95GB

Uploaded: 5.51GB

Its almost the double the upload rate right? How the hell I'm still uploading like crazy and downloading very slowly?

(no, no connection issues, the upload speed goes up to the limits and my download sometimes reaches up to high rate, so its fine, ports are fine, connections are fine)

I've just limited the upload speed to 50k but thats also limiting my download speed as well. This shouldn't since I was uploaded more than I've downloaded already! *angry*

-I've changed the "seed while..." to 100% instead of 150% on the file

-Limited the upload rate to stop when the seeding goal is reached.

Still seeding is at the heights how could this be?!! I'm now very pissed because this happens with me many times and while I'm a fair player and seed with full speed (UPDATE: sorry, 2-3mbps up/25mbps down) I got the download in days usually not in hours. That means I'm uploading more than twice or 3 times the downloaded amount of data.

Something is fishy here! Ohh and I've experienced this at the past too, not just with the new utorrent.

Please enlighten me or help me get rid of the hugh upload that is unfair and seemingly not considering the upload ratio at all!

Many thanks!

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Ok back about the same issue, or very similar...

My upload so far on a torrent: 11.3GB

My download so far: 5.61GB

My ratio on the torrent: 2.017

I had no download limit, nor upload limit set. My upload still goes like crazy, double the speed than the download.

I've tried to set:


+Ratio to 150% or seed time 2880 (min, so /60 is 48 hour right?)

+Limit upload rate to 1kbps

I see no difference on upload rate at all.

How does this limiting should work seriously?

Please advise. :(

***Yes, my download capable of pulling serious data, no connection issues, not isp limiting (Did downloaded GBs within 10-20mins, 300+ kbps recently)***

***I'm only downloading a couple of files to maximize throughput, so my tcpip limit is not reached, based on utorrent settings, global max connections are 200***

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You seem to be confusing half open connections "my tcpip limit is not reached" with global connection max "global max connections are 200".

What uTorrent version and build number are you using?

Did you limit local peer speeds?

Try setting a proper upload speed limit?

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