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BT endless install loop


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I've been using programs like BT and BC for years, and I found this problem strange.

I just finished installing BT, but whenever I try to open a file or start the program, it tries to install again (getting as far as the ask toolbar but no further). I can't seem to figure out why it's doing this.

Any suggested workarounds?

Edit: µTorrent DOES work, however. Which I am grateful for. <3

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Yep i just had the same problem.Researched online for about 20min and found a working solution(some have said this works and for me it worked):

*Open uTorrent

*The install will pop up again

*Click Next-Next until you reach the place where you have to select install directory

*Uncheck all boxes

*Click Next or whatever the button is

uTorrent should now start up normally.Just in case close uTorrent(exit program) and click the shortcut again.It should now start up normally.

Hope this helps ;)

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