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help with organizing my .torrent files and .loaded files plz


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ok so i am organizing my download folder and i had my .torrent files in my download folder and i moved them to a new folder and then in utorrent all the files that i had moved said that they couldnt find the .torrent file so i went into settings and set them up to put the torrent files into a different folder but they all still said that they cant find the files. then i set it to automatically load files from this folder then they all turned into .loaded and im trying to turn them back into .torrent files but doing it manually will take forever since i have like 600+ of them. is there a way to do it quicker? and also i want to put my .torrent files into a dif folder but when i do then utorrent wont seed that file if i move it. how can i fix this?

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