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I can't download - in the last 2 weeks, I was able to download


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Hi everyone, I have registered because UTurrent "plays" with me. In the last two weeks, I was able to download at full speed, now I can download at max 20 kb/s. I have run the speed test, uTorrent configured itself, BUT I CAN'T DOWNLOAD AT MY FULL SPEED (~450 KB/s)

What I need to do?


There is no firewall problems....

Speed options set to optimal

Restart does NOT solves it (computer and/or uTorrent)

Speed goes up (max ~25 kb/s) and down for 10 seconds (0 kb/s). It greens at the bottom, after 10 seconds, it changes to yellow (I don't know why)

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If they seeder limits their seeding speed no amount of changes from your side will increase that speed. This is the limit of p2p your at the limits of what the seeder determines til they change their upload speed. And since we don't know what your downloading that kinda question is to general to be of much help to diagnosis the problem. Try downloading OpenOffice and see if the Dn/Up doesn't change?? And sometimes the ISP will throttle p2p by monitoring bandwidth usage as well.

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