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Does not stop seeding?


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I have v1.8.5

Recently I downloaded a torrent, and after it finished I changed its properties to override the default setting for "Seed While".

I set until ratio is <= 110 % or seeding time is <= 7

At that moment the share ratio was 0.6.

Now after a few hours the torrent is still seeding.

The share ratio is 2.657.

Why did is not stop?

Am I misunderstanding something?

As see it, it should stop seeding at ratio 1.1 or 7 minutes, whichever comes first.

I had a network down, but it happened after the ratio 2.6 was reached.



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So if the "when seeding goal is met" option is off, the ratio and seeding time values have no meaning? Shouldn't they be grayed out then?

Also the per torrent option dialog has no "when seeding goal is met" option (but it has goal ratio and time), which makes it even more unintuitive.

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Yes, that part is understandable.

The nowhere in the dialog mentioned part "after goal is met, seeding continues, but with lower priority" is a bit "cloudy".


Now I remembered the cause of the confusion: A while ago I had a few torrents seeding and after some time they went to stopped state.

So in preferences I changed the "Seed While" values to 9999% and 99999 min.*

After that the torrents seeded without stopping by themselves.

So when I wanted this particular torrent to stop after reaching ratio 110%, I went to change its per torrent settings for "Seed While" and expected it to stop when reaching 110%.

So to conclude, what are the correct settings for:

- seed all torrents indefinitely

- except a few, that should stop after reaching a certain set ratio


* - in the torrent properties dialog, the at time value there is no mention of "min", even if there is enough space.

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