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WRT54G port forwarding does not work for me... slow torrent speeds


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1. I have read through numerous articles on Linksys WRT54G router port forwarding.

2. checked youtube videos on how to do it.

3. changed my IP to static -

4. enabled Portforwarding in Linksys router(

5. Enabled upnp, DMZ etc on router- which I belive will cause automatic port forwarding

6. Ran options->Setup guide and it says port is not forwarded.

7.ran PFportchecker utility and it also shows port forwarding is not happening.

But can't seem to get it correctly.

My download spees vary from 30-140 kB/s.

Can someone please help me if I am missing anything ?

Port forwarding has been a pian for me so far with no success.

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I have disabled upnp and dmz now as per above suggestions.

I am a bit skeptic about using thirdparty firmwares for router due to security reasons.

One thing i forgot to mention earlier about my setup is I am connected to Internet through router (WRT54G) which is connected to a motorola modem which actually connects to the internet cable.

Something like :

Internet ---->Motorola modem --->WRT54G router ------>Pc

Just like i did the port forwarding on my router( , do I need to port forward the same port on the motorola modem too so that port forwarding works for my router.

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