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Utorrent Fonts


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Is it possible to allow users to chose a font and/or if not chose a font, to be able to chose to bold at least the RSS feed, file fonts and enlarge them?

I find I need a microscope to read any file information.

My system settings are:

XPHome-SP3-dpi-150%-1280x1024 But this shouldn't make any difference anyway?

I must have the dpi set this high or I can't even see those usually gray system (change setting) dialogue boxes, much-less read them.

It is not just utorrents, I find many such programs and those SYSTEM dialogue boxes especially hard to read. I would have to set my display back to 800x600 to read these fonts easily. No one has used that display setting since windows 95 first came out. This is 2010, do developers not notice the date and advance there developing of programs to accommodate present recommended display settings? *frowns*

Do the developers of these programs not realize that these small fonts are way too small for even well sighted eyes to read, much-less us old folks with aging sight problems?

Please, everyone developing these programs; USE LARGER FONTS based on recommended display settings, or at least allow the user to alter them!

If possible I will include a screen shot.

NonDon \(Eye_Ball_Looking_Around.gif)¿(-)/


All I'm asking for is . . . "Please allow user control over all fonts, font styles and font sizes; in every program application, everywhere! In this case µTorrent."

Compare the text size in the top and bottom bars (set to 14 points) with the text in the RSS feeds and file descriptions areas. (8 or maybe 10 points). The text in there can't be any larger than 10 points max. Why can't this text be set to, at the very least 12 points, or better yet 14 points, or still even better, make all fonts; 'User Adjustable'?


Well in a preview, the screen shot didn't show up!

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