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Is this normal? Weird dead upload


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I installed utorrent 2.0 and I'm very happy with the download speed. But please look at the picture:


Upload is dead. Only sometimes it is raising for a moment and falls again.

Maybe it is normal because of this precise torrent? Is it? I don't want to leech the torrents, but I think I am now doing this.

My options:

- my connection is slow cable 256/64.

- bandwitch management disabled

- bt_tcp rate control - false

- bt transp disposition - 5

- my download/upload cap is on the picture

- no firewall problems

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But look, its the same torrent:


The upload goes down in the same amount of time, like a wave...?

And the cap is only 3kB/s...


I have cut down the download to minimise overhead impact - no change:



My other options:

- global max connections: 30

- max connections per torrent: 25

- upload slot: 1

- outgoing protocol encryption disabled




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