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is there any reason for dht.dat and dht.dat.old to be in CHINESE?


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lol...know weird question, but when opening those two utorrent dat files in notepad, they are NOT in english and show a series of chinese characters.

would say fine, whatever ... but when googling find no mention from ANYBODY ... like everybody else has a normal DAT file in english. it's freaking me out....

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this is what the dht.dat looks like on my machine:


i'm not going to run that on a program that might open or execute something i don't want.

the other dat files for utorrent are done in code:


but it's still in english, and not hard to figure out if the dat file is what it says it is. i try to translate some of the chinese, and all i can get is "skull weak open wagon" lol ...

so is this CHINESE dat file a legitimate part of utorrent programming, or is there a security problem with utorrent?

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yes, i realize that when i find binary strings inside a dat file .... but no one so far has answered my question. why is the dht .... no matter if you want to open it with photoshop or your moms tuna salad .... why is it written in chinese? is THAT the original programming from utorrent?

fine if so ... but as well as not answering my question, only one person has responded that their dht.dat is written in 'bencode' ....which if that is the same encoding seen on the other utorrent dat files listed under the user, then the dht.dat files i have are NOT encoded in bencode, or they are done so in chinese. which again...fine. the ONLY thing which i am trying to determine, is if this is a normal file from utorrent.

you all are either purposely evasive, or don't know

i am NOT looking to edit the files...don't give a r**s behind about learning the extraordinary uses of the bencode editor. i rarely bother to tweak the default utorrent settings, let alone worry about programming it. the only reason i came here, was because found absolutely no reference to utorrent programming being written in chinese. even on the links to the utorrent bencode development, and going over their explanations, it appears to be simply another programming expansion...not a complete conversion into the chinese lettering.

it doesn't smell right. and all you people are telling me, is to plug my nose. i thank you for your time ... has been entertaining and a look at what we have here. good day

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