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Download list wiped out


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I just updated to BitTorrent 6.4. Before updating, I was in the process of downloading several files, but previous updates never interfered with that so I updated anyway. When the new version launched, my entire download/upload list was wiped clean. The fragmented/partially downloaded files were still in their download destination, but the torrents no longer appeared in BitTorrent, and there was no further information being downloaded. I chalked this up to an update issue, and surfed the net to find the torrent links again. When I launched the torrent in BitTorrent, it "checked" all the previously downloaded info, and then picked up where it left off. I thought everything was ok. But the next day, I launched Bit Torrent and my download/upload list was wiped again. I ran a virus etc sweep, checked the firewall etc, performed maintenance on my computer, found all the torrent links again, and started downloading again. And, once again, everything seemed ok. However, today when I launched BitTorrent, by download list was wiped again. What is going on, and how can I stop/fix it?

Thank you for your time.

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