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utorrent lost everything


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a few days ago I was prompt by the program to upgrade to 2.0. I tried & it failed. I didn't think anything of it.

It tried to upgrade a while later & failed again, no matter.

Then I closed the program for 2 days (so to speed up a different program.

When I reopened the utorrent, all of my trackers were gone.

I looked in the temp folder & everything is still there.

I uninstalled & reinstalled from the site (the 2.0 ver.) - still no good - no trackers.

I went to find new stuff to download & when I found some I put it in the program, but nothing connects. the best I get is 0.5% & not even that, not in all the links (I have 5 in my list now,)

I never changed any of my settings. Up till a few days ago everything was working fine.

I have WinXP, router (Di-524), the bandwidth is set correctly.

I went through the different manuals in the site & everything is checked ok.

I saw that some other people experienced the same thing the same time as me,but they got no answer as to what could be wrong.

Will I get an answer?

I really miss my downloads, plus, I don't really want to change programs & start downloading stuff again.. I'm almost at the end of stuff.

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sorry, torrents, you're right.

I am standing on "all" & there's nothing there. They indeed spontaneously removed themselves.

Like I said, I can see all the files & folders that are in need to download in the Temp folder, but it seems the program can pull it from there & make it look like torrents to be downloaded.

I checked the pathway & nothing changed - it still says that completed files should go to incoming & pending downloading files should go to temp.

bandwidth management?

I have my download set on "indefinite" & the upload on 1k (the lowest possible) & still.. nothing connects (the new torrents I downloaded after installing ver. 2.0)

I'd like to say once again: I haven't changed a thing.

I just closed the program for 2 days (something I do from time to time). This has never happened to me before & I am at lost.

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Same just happened to me. First time I've been on this forum....came here specifically for this issue.

I updated to V 2.0 ( build 18296) 2 weeks ago so for that time all was fine. I didn't change nor play with any of the settings. This morning the utorrent list was completely blank.

ps I'm running winxp 64 ... ezilzha what os are you on?

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nope.. that didn't help.

it didn't help the current tries of download & it most certainly did not return my previous torrents.

I'm more concerned as for the missing torrents than the inability to connect & download.

do you have any idea as to my torrents disappeared from the download list but they still exists in the temp folder & how do I get them back to the download list?

ange7: I'm running on XP Professional Version 2002, SP 3. Does that answer your question?

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tried it.. doesn't work.

tried to delete the extension (.part, .part.met & .part.met.bak) & it's didn't work.

tried to upload these files anyways... & it didn't accept it as torrents either (& these files are partly loaded files that I have downloaded using the utorrent).

either I didn't understand (though I followed instructions to the letter) or something is seriously wrong.

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DWK:"Getting them back is easy, migration guide from the documentation section of the site."

Yep this would work in my case... I have a directory called "torrents" and I could use "file / add torrent" to repopulate my main screen but having to individually set download location for every torrent to tell utorrent that the data already exists would be a pain. Something I'd rather not start until I'm 100% sure there's no other way to sort it out.

This can't be the first ( and second) time this has happened to anyone.

E:"I'm running on XP Professional Version 2002, SP 3. Does that answer your question?"

yep... just wondering what the common denominator was and hoping that could help others here find a solution

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I don't have emule files in the folder I'm looking at.

The emule is installed on C, whilst the utorrent is installed on D.

I know where my programs are installed and how to find the different files and folders.

I guess there's no escape but to uninstall utorrent and switch to a different program altogether, as u seem to not understand and know what is going on & where did my downloads go (& so did some of others who have reported this bug and did not get a normal reply)

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"(& so did some of others who have reported this bug and did not get a normal reply)"

Don't add me to your llist of "others". I can see my files on my system. I just wanted to know why my list disappeared...seemed pretty random to me but Dread guys advice worked for me... ie batch migration.

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