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Nothing is working :(

Marafice Eye

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Ok, so I'm using a new computer and uTorrent 2.0. I'm using the same settings as my old pc, and my speeds have bee frustrating. Everything I've tried, stickys included, have not helped. I have a torrent going right now, there's 2300 available seeds, yet it's only connecting to 12-15 of them, with an average download speed of 50 kB/s. I can start other torrents and get over 200 kB/s.

I've noticed that on larger downloads, the speed is slowest even with very high amounts of seeders.

I'm on Win7 btw, and have tried everything suggested in the stickies and other places I can find and none of it works.

On my old pc, I would maintain a steady 200+ kB/s on any download.

Any ideas?

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Sorry, totally didn't remember to do any of that when I posted. Lack of sleep does wonders to the brain.

Network Status Light: green

Port Checker: port is forwarded. Port is 12671 (if the actual number makes a diff)

Speed Guide Settings: (settings were assigned by the speed guide, manual settings have been ineffective as well)

Upload Speed - 376.83 kbit/s

Upload Limit - 46 kB/s

Connections per torrent - 80

Max Active Torrents - 3

Upload Slots - 4

Connections global - 230

Max active downloads - 2

net.max_halfopen - 500

OS: Windows 7 x64

Security: AVG (exception added), Windows Firewall (exception added)

Router/Modem: 2Wire 2701HG-B


Type: DSL

Download Speed: 2.53 mbit/s

Upload Speed: 0.40 mbit/s

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