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Peers Percentage column sorts backwards


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Another one: Flags is backwards according to how all other alphabetic columns are sorted. But which one is really backwards, should higest to lowest sort biggest letter first, or smallest letter first?

The # column on the pieces tab sorts opposite as well.

Also on the pieces tab: Completed is backwards, Availibility is backwards and the blocks column just plain doesn't seem to sort properly, and the Mode column... alphabetically it sorts biggest letter to smallest for higest to lowest, but should it be alphabetic or speed (fast higher, slow lower)?

Pieces column on the Files tab is the same as on the blocks column on the pieces tab.

In the main view, ETA is backwards if you ask me.

That's just a few more I saw, some need to be examined as to what it really sorts for. Strict sorting by alpabetic or numeric, or for priorities. Really doesn't matter as long as they sort one way or the other. I don't really care which direction the little sort triangle points as long as it's sorting it the way I want. Just thought I'd give some input.

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