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Speed Reduction in Downloads!


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Hey i used a program called "Bitcomet" for a few years. I was always getting around 160-200k in Dl speed with a maximum amount of seeders. My Download Speed Connection is 1.5 MB it tests at around 1.35 to be exact. My Global UL speed is around 600k. I decided to change to Utorrent cause i heard its a much better overall torrent client program. But i started to run the tests so it automatically configures an IP for it to run with an open port. Everything Looks good. On the bottom of the screen it shows a "green check mark" and says Network Ok. So i am assuming everything is running. No matter what tests i do, i change the random port to something new and i "can not" get an open port. I have ran the test like 10 times and every time is says there is no open porn so i assume thats probably the problem. I looked all the guides on this site to try and portforward, but i still can seem to get an open port that works through my router.

Well when i tried to download some torrent files that have a pretty high seed count. I can only achieve at the most 100k. I am not sure why. I don't know if you have to port forward the settings t through my router, i tried that with the port address but still nothing has changed. I know for a fact if my bitcomet runs at like 200k, why can't i get this to run any faster. Is there any settings i have to change, there is a ton of settings in the preferences menu so perhaps maybe some settings aren't right. Please let me know cause i am new to this client program. Thanks!


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