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Ports not closing...


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When i close µTorrent, the ports remain open and connected (having a total of 4622 connections). It eats up my webspeed, and makes my firewall (Outpost Pro 2009) eat up CPU speed, trying to keep an eye on them all.

How do i close the connections, and prevent the problem from continuing, so i don't have to reboot every time i dl a few Mb?

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I'd like to know as well...

Ever since updating to v.2.0 my router NAT sessions get maxed out (1500) even when seeding only at 25%-50% of my overall upstream bandwidth with only a few seeds permitted. As a result web browsing becomes impossible and I need to reboot both my torrent PC and my router in order to revive my internet connection.

I followed the optimization guidelines as described here in the forum and still it happens.

Tried updating to the latest beta and downgrading to 1.8.5 but mysteriously even that didn't help.

At this point I don't know what to do anymore. The open connections stay alive for a long time after I quit uTorrent and the NAT sessions remain saturated.

Is there anything at all that I can do about all this?

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