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moved torrents


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OK, I know I should know better...

i went on line to find out how to move torrents and found this:


of course, didn't think it wasn't for mac...

now I have a bunch of torrents, shifted to my extrrnal HD, and wehn i reopend uTorrent I clicked on the button 'force recheck' as the torrent had a lttle red cross against it...

even tho fully downloaded, it started downloading again!

im a new user and i'm worred that my ratio will be taking a massive hit and i'll get kicked off.

tried moving back to my HD in teh default palce but seems it wants to start again...


MacBook Pro

OS 10.6.2

uTorrent 0.9.2 (17267)

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OK - figured it out!

just clicked on 'force re-check' and now the files are back, it finds them and I'm now uploading!!

already at 3.7 ratio! on uTorrent, still 0.06 in browser, but this will catch up...




previous post...

OK, I've done that but when I click to re-start torrent's i've already downloaded, they start to download agin.

so my torrent files are back in /.../Downloads

and my settings point default downloads location as the same place /.../Downloads

(was previously pointing to my exteran HD, where I moveed the torrents to)

i'm now up to 4gb and have ratio of 0.06!

i do want to share but i'm concernd that I'll hit the 5bg celing.



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Well, I've a similar problem..... I performed a snow leopard clean install (erased disk and reinstalled all things)..... but despite of my downloads are in the same place..... all my torrents beging with a red cross...

all torrents files are stocked on a special folder: now each torrent end with torrent.imported. after reading http://www.utorrent.com/documentation/migrate I sitll condused what to do...

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