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WRT54G V2.2+dd-wrt.v23+rc_startup => iNet dead after some time


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I'm downloading mostly series, like 24, which seems to be very popular: S:6823 L:13120, however i have problems downloading sometimes.

It starts, the speed reaches max. 20 kB/sec, sometimes even more, but after some time it goes slowly down to 5-10 kB/sec and at the same time browsing becomes impossible (http 2 www and routermenu and the ssh)

DHT on or off doesn't change anything.

Max. Number of Connections Global/per Torrent = 100/50

Agnitum Outpost Firewall



Or is it the tracker that's shutting down all the traffic to my router?

same with original Firmware and Tofu

Thanks for any help

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