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Utorrent messes up IE, Even after I uninstall it.


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Ive been having the same problem for the last year. I thought it was my old motherboard causing the problem. Well I upgraded my whole PC.. mobo, cpu, ram, hard drive, videocard...

Anyways I formated and my net was fast I was kinda scared to install utorrent. I went 2 weeks happy and figured screw it ill install it and try it out. Well my IE started crapping out again. Thats when utorrent isn't even running. Well I uninstalled utorrent and IE still was slow and couldn't connect half the time. Sites take for ever to load.

I figured Ill format again and check it out. Bam my IE is fast as hell again for a week. Guess what I was bored and tried utorrent again... Same problem all over again.

What setting does utorrent change in IE or the registry that is causing this to happen?

I cant believe more ppl arnt having this problem. It happens in windows 7 as well as XP.

Windows 7 and XP does the same thing.

Amd Phenom ll x4 965


ATI 5770

4 gigs ddr3 1600 ram

Old PC had same problem

Windows XP and 7

Amd 64 x2 6400+

Asus m2n-e mobo

nvidia 9800gt

2 gigs ddr2

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Really? Thats why it only happens after I install utorrent. Ive tested it multiple times.

Ive read many times in this forum IE stops responding after utorrent is running and when its off. There is a significant difference even with utorrent uninstalled. Most ppl arnt willing to format and test it. Ive tested it 3 times now and same thing happens all over again. On two different OS's and different PC's.

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Ive been using this WGR614v6 router for a few years. Never had a problem like this with uTorrent till about 10 months ago.

If the ISP throttles my connection it wouldn't still be happening after I uninstall it. I great great speeds with utorrent with plenty seeds. 1.2mbs

Ive done plenty of tests. It must be utorrent edits some of your stock windows connection settings. I also know other people who have noticed this.

I have a clean format right now and my pc is as fast as lightning. I'm thinking of trying something like bitlord and see if the problem arises.

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