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Overhead / Downloading when nothing is being downloaded


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I just upgraded to 2.0 after being on 1.8.x ..like forever.

First thing i noticed, the masssssive amount of downloading going on, even when im not downloading.

This is just a few minutes after i started it

I have no Forced Starts / RSS, DHT is on, but it does nothing when i toggle it.


As you can see, the uploading of torrents, doesnt match what utorrent is uploading, but if you add the number im downloading + upload speed of the torrents, the upload part of utorrent seems to be correct(ish).

I ran the "Setup guide", running with recommended settings, 450 max connections, max active downloads 5, max active torrents 6, connections pr torrent 100, max upload 90 kB/s.



Some details

net.max halfopen = 8

Win7 64 bit

ISP= Nextgentel =/= ADSL2+ over PPoE

Modem = Speedtouch 546, firmware 7.1.4.* in bridged mode

Router = WRT54GL, v.1.1 running Tomato 1.27 Firmware

Microsoft Security Essentials

Windows Firewall

my favourite color = black

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We can't tell what your incoming/outgoing connection attempt rate is. (Are there lots of peers/seeds trying to connect every second?)

What does the speed graph show when viewing the "Network Overhead" graph? (You may have to enable net.calc_overhead in advanced settings.)

Confirm your connection's capabilities and list them. We don't know enough about your connection to say what good or bad uTorrent settings are for it.

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Hello, thank you for quick reply.

Where would one might find these statistics, peer / seeds etc?

if its the one in help->statistics, its been about 126 000 incoming and 28 000 outgoing, in 2.5 hours, 152 000 handshakes.

i counted about 15 connections incoming a second / 8 outoing in the log.


the graph, after i enabled net calc overhead ( i couldnt quite grasp what you wanted here, so i hope that will tell ya something it didnt tell me )

connection = 1200 kB/s / 120 kB/s ( ISP offers stats on what i sync in at )


Turned off bandwith management, and restarted, idle downloading dropped from 12-20 kB/s to 2-4 kB/s, still over twice of what it used to be, but its better then downloading 1-2GB of "noise" a day now innit.

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In about 1 day's time I've only gotten ~5000 handshakes. Yours is definitely being tortured by connections.

Verify that bt.connect_speed is only 5 (5 outgoing peer/seed connection attempts per second), the standard amount for uTorrent v2.

Your download max is definitely set too high in your first screenshot. Generally it's best to not have a download speed limit.

Reduce max connections per torrent from 100 to only 60.

Is Teredo/IPv6 present?

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bt.connect_speed is 5

max conn. pr torrent is now 60

turned download rate to unlimited, still getting loads of connections.

Teredo/IPv6 is present, but couldnt see any way to turn it off?


Might add that my bt.transp_disposition is *5.


Disabled IPv6 in Windows ( as a service)

Seems to solve most of my problems, but how do i disable it in uTorrent, i may like to use it on some services, that doesnt run wild with it :P


Now running at 1-3 kB/s down, while uploading at 95kB/s

All seems well.

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I just upgraded to 3.0 Beta and I seem to be having the same problem, but I'm not sure how it was fixed in the above posts. I have no torrents reporting anything downloading and yet I constantly have between 6 kb/s and 10 kb/s downloading. Although when I look at my torrent graphs it appears that my 'payload' is only a few kb/s under my overhead. The problem is that nothing is downloading. Luckily my uploads seem to be doing the same, but are always higher, so my ratio isn't decreasing.

I'd be nice to fix this, so like Pikstolero said, I'm not dl 1-2 gigB of noise everyday.

I couldn't find where I can see by connections per second unless I just need to calculate that.

Just ran the Setup Guide-

Connections (per-torrent): 100

Max active torrents: 7

Upload Slots: 8

Connections (global): 500

Max active downloads: 6


Time Elapsed- 1:10

# incoming conns- 24485

# outgoing conns- 13371

# handshake- 41840

# connections- 28

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