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New (and improved) "Help" menu including chat/IRC channel link


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Since the IRC looks pretty dead to me , here is how to make him useful & alive again:

1. In uT help menu - delete 'forum' and 'webpage'

2. add "see this also for help..." menu item

3. under this add :

-> uTorrent's website

-> uTorrent's forums

-> uTorrent's chat/IRC [->optional channel selector]

4. add a new setting in general (or a pop up dialog from 'uTorrent chat') with "Chat username: __"

5. set a default user name in it during install : <name>[<country code>]

<country code> - 2 letters, gains value from the local PC's country code (by language ? IP ? )

<name> - gains value from the PC computer name or similar

6. in UI extra - add a dialog to re-define the IRC channel/link (maybe to a local channel). Maybe to add a several channels and select one - like in the search dialog

possible links/sites uT can suggest as a default to the user (in the help file):





1. You may add some place a note on it being an English speaking chat channel (for the default channel only) so that DWK will not kick them out on first sight ... :P

2. Username may not be required in preferences at all, and might be defined only inside the IRC links

3. it is important that the initial default will work for almost all users, so to gain access the IRC asap, also, I guess an IRC Java applet can run off the uTorrent web-site as well

I guarantee a +300% increase in # of users accessing the IRC channel ! :)

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hell no. :P

:) ... I'm sure you have your reasons. Too bad you didn't share any of them with us... :P So, I can only assume, that I wasn't clear enough for you to understand... This happens to me sometimes, cause of my bad English ... ;)

If you'll be so kind to let me know what wasn't clear enough to you, I'll try my best to make it so :)

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