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uTorrent v2.0 uses much bandwidth even when it's not (Huh????)


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Has anyone noticed a problem similar to mine?

I've always had a 7mb/sec cable connection.

uTorrent always worked fine... and I easily got 5-7mb/sec download speeds.

(Of course, it slowed down my web-browsing, as you would expect.)

When I downloaded at only 3-4mb/sec with uTorrent... I easily had enough bandwidth

left over for web-browsing and everything else.

But... v2.0 is working differently.

Even when I'm downloading at only 1-2mb/sec... all my other network activity

is slowed to a crawl.

It's as if:

1. Pre-v2.0 slowed down my other activities based on the *BANDWIDTH* that uTorrent used.

2. Post-v2.0 slows down my other activities based on the *NUMBER* of files and the number of *USERS* that I'm connected to.

How can I have plenty of bandwidth left over during a 4mb/sec download (with v1.9)... but have nearly NO bandwidth left over with

a 2mb/sec download (with v2.0)???

How is that possible?

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You found one of the disdvantages of using p2p and trying to use the web at the same time one the p2p will take up all available bandwidth unless you choose how much it uses. It will use all of the bandwidth and your net surfing will suffer from lack of usable bandwidth. Either your going to only p2p or internet or you will have to manage the p2p bandwidth how much it gets or not use it at all.

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I have the same problem - and i make a test - i use a internet band test (speedtest.net) with and without utorrent 2.0 runing - without - 5 mbit download, 1,5 upload, ping 10 ms. With utorrent - I use standard setings - 0,27 mbit down. 0,20 up. , 652ms ping!

It is somethig wrong with this new version - i will make a downgrade to old 1.8!

If this help - i use windows 7 x64

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most of the time, yes. Now i use settings for 1 mbit - i upload constantly at 92 Kb/s. If i reduce the upload to 32 kb/s still no have net for surfing - utorrent works verry fine - but no other applicatons - so i decide to use utorrent only over night... :)

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