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Win2K (sp4) browsers & µTorrent crash


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Very recently I have developed a problem; I use the latest alph/beta of �Torrent yet now, when i am running �Torrent i find that after/during whatever is happening with �Torrent any browser I open gets closed down by Windows.

Any other app (Photoshop, Explorer, etc) for example is stable. Only browsers (haven't checked any other p2p prog) shut down. S'thing like...

Firefox/Opera.exe has generated errors and will be closed by Windows.An error log is being created.

I restart Windows and don't run �Torrent and my browser (Firefox by default) stays open and doesn't have any problems.

At the moment I am downloading a 38mb torrent (60% done) of over 100 350mb avi files to a 2nd HDD, I'm wondering if this has anything to do with it?


Win2K (sp4 - latest updates), 2.66Ghz P4, 1gb RAM, 2 HDD - primary HDD with OS is 80gb, 50gb free: 2nd HDD 250gb with 150 free.

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Um, actually, For the last few versions (since before 1.4) I just closed µTorrent and then saved the latest version over the µTorrent executable, then restarted.

Never had any problems before, except now, after a crash (µTorrent sends a dump back to you apparently), when the torrent slowly rechecks the data DLed.

I DO have avast!, but after a previous post disabled the µTorrent entry in the p2p shield.

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I noticed an error in the event viewer

"WMI ADAP was unable to process the RemoteAccess performance library due to a time violation in the open function"

also Peerguardian was continually blocking a bogon IP - removed from blocklist, 'seems' ok so far; if not I will have to try and tackle the WMI error.

On a different note, I can't seem to download a certain torrent, says 'hostname not found', but my other client ABC is downloading it fine.

edit: Spoke too soon, problem is back. Seems that once it starts any web browser shuts down after less than a minute. Well, i've been meaning to upgrade the OS, maybe time to format and install XP.

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