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Problems with internet + uTorrent


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Hi everyone. I have been using uT for years, and recently when I moved to another town I discovered a problem while using uT. The program works great, the issue is that while it's downloading (no matter what speed download/upload) everything else loosses internet access. For example, if I start uT, a couple of minutes after if I try to open ANY webpage (like google or hotmail), it won't work. To make my firefox access internet again I have to close uT and wait one or two minutes (sometimes I have to restart PC).

I have 4 PCs at home, all conected by a router with a 1MB bandwith connection. I don't think the router is the problem, since back home I use one too with the same amount of PCs, and a worst connection.

I've already tried many solutions I've googled, even this one: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=34527&p=1, but none helped.

If you could give me a hand, I would apreciate it.

PD.: I'm from Argentina (spanish speaking), so excuse any grammar mistakes =P

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Problem solved, turns out it was my NOD32 4... I just added uT as a browser in the NOD configuration and it worked perfect.


The problem is back ¬¬'

The NOD solution worked for a while but now I have the same problem... already tried everything in the post you told me...

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