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Listen Port Error!


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Hello m8,

I have to say that i have the same problem as you.

I tried everything but nothing works till now also i figured out that this listening port problem happened after updating to the last version available to download.

I´ll try the old version and see if everything is back to normal. I´ll keep you posted on this and if after the downgrade made, the problem remains, then the only thing to do it´s to uninstall and remove all entries related to utorrent in the registry and do a fresh install.

Either way i´ll post something in this thread.

Be safe.


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hello Dreadwing,

In my particular case, i did no changes at all when i updated to the latest version.

After the listening problem, i did almost everything, router reset, anti malware and spyware cleaning, reseting my windows firewall is not the case as i have it disabled ( no point to have it on if my router can handle the ports to be open), alson tryed other port after doing a port scan to see if any is available, etc...

Everything but a format, lol.

Either way it´s not the end of the world and it´s a problem to be tracked properly and to sort out.


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Ok so does anyone no what to do i haven't changed anything since i downloaded it it just happened randomly. How do i reset settings to original default setting? also if it is a problem with my firewall what should i do to fix it, any other suggestions?

Also now that i think about it this problem did happen right around when i upgraded my u torrent so may be that helps too??

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Well, one of the problems with firewalls is they silently block new versions of a client often, skidmore89. Generally, if you remove all exceptions for uTorrent, reboot, then re-add them, all is well again. The Windows firewall is an exception to this; it tends to be pretty problem-free.

allnet6, in your case, the anti-malware software could be the one doing it.

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