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Problem upgrading to 2.0


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Hello everyone,

i've just upgraded utorrent to ver.2 and all my torrents went red, the DHT msg at the bottom lists "Waiting to log in" and the setup guide list the following:

Connection failed error: A request to send or receive data was disallowed because the socket is not connected and (when sending on a datagram socket using a sendto call) no address was supplied.

Checking for forwarded port

Port Forward test complete. No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.

Checking auto portmap configuration ...

Results: Port is not open (you are still able to download).

I've restarted the PC, checked the router's setting in case they changed (they didn't) and my firewall exceptions, too.

Even when i press the "Check for Updates" i get the message "Unable to contact μTorrent update server"

I haven't changed any settings, router or isp, i just hit the upgrade button (wish i hadn't) and the result is no downloading, no uploading. I went through the faqs but i haven't found any explanation to my problem

If anyone more experienced is willing to give me a piece of advice, i would appreciate it

Thanks in advance

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Yes of course, it was one of the first things i tried but no luck.

As for the norton remark, i've used many anti-virus and protection software, if you keep them updated, everything is ok, their difference is in the recourses they use (i respect your opinion but i express mine as well) and keep in mind that the problem was caused by a simple change in a freeware program - utorrent - in a simple upgrade procedure.

The problem itself is illogical - everything seem to be as they should, exceptions are in the right programs, the router has the port forwarded (even changed the port with all the relative changes of course), utorrent's settings have not changed, i even reverted to the 1.8.5 version but with no change (not that i expected it)

Anyway it seems that i cannot avoid or undo the damage done, nevertheless i thank you DreadWingKnight for taking the time to read my post (and anyone else) and offer advice.

I have one last question for you or anyone knows to at least minimize the damage. If i uninstall utorrent completelly and install it again, do i lose my current torrents? (I am currently in initial seed and many people are waiting) If not, if i download any other torrent client is there a way to transfer the torrents and continue from where i left them?

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You are both right. I've manually deleted utorrent from norton's exceptions then added it manually and changed the settings from the previously "custom" to "allow".

If you think this post will help other users with simmilar problems leave it be, if not delete it, i no longer require it.

Special thanks to DreadWingKnight and Firon for their patience and advice.


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