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need automation on mass tracker remove/rename


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after i goes from one internet provider to another, some retrackers in my torrents are deprecates, and so i manualy remove them from every torrent.

on last week torrents.ru migrate to rutorrent.ru domain, so i again renames this in all my torrents.

imho, icolud be nice if will be implemented tab with all trackers in selected torrents and in this tab can be removed\changed tracker so that this changes are reflects in selected torrents.

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>>Auto removing, auto adding, auto skipping, auto filtering, etc... are often bad ideas and imply misuses and abuses.

automaical processing huge amount of data is the most intend of computers.

auto replace text by pattern is ordinary feature of most editors, no one rebel against it.

deleting\removing\renaming files by pattern is also ordinar feature of all filesystems, imho, you dont rebel against it too... even if it can cause huge damages.

imho, if you fear of damages, it could be saved log file that reflects changes, and so user can reverts bad changes.

imho, most damage caused by tracker rename\delete is loosing connection and download stops, downloaded data could not affects.

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