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utorrent 2.0 makes small freeze all the time


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i was using previous version without any problem. After upgrading to 2.0, i started having blue screen. I read that i should update my drivers, i did and now i don't have blue screen.

But, now when utorrent is on, i can't do anything else on the computer, utorrent is taking all CPU usage, i can't even watch a video.

I have no anitivirus nor firewall working.

Any idea?

If you need some informations, just aks.


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Thanks for fast answer.

I had already read your link, but missed a point. I deleted the settings.dat and settings.dat.old.

The connection test didnt work so i filled it myself. But now it's working.

But it's strange because it was working before the update.

How can updating make utorrent working bad?


Yesterday i had another bluescreen... Now my drivers are up to date, so i don't have other idea.

How can i have info about the blue screen?

Or do you need any other information?

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