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Opera/IE explorer goes really slow when utorrent active


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When utorrent is active Opera/ie explorer goes really slowly. Also my downloads stop for some seconds and start again, stop again and reapeat this over and over. I have tried anything I can think of. I even tried azureus and bittorrent but the same results. Any ideas?

I had nvidia firewall and unistall it. The only firewall I use is internet security. It doesn't make sense for me it seems like a bug.


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I have been using Opera for a while. I prefer it. It comes with all the features you install Firefox extensions for....but....

I switched to Utorrent from Azureus and was very pleased. The RSS feed is the best!

However, I began to notice that Opera became very, very slow. It hangs every time you try to load a page. I couldn't even get my router's address to load. There was no similar hangup with either Firefox or IE. They worked as they always had.

It drove me nuts....Nothing I did helped. Then it came to me. The only thing different was that I had recently installed Utorrent. I exited Utorrent...voila....Opera worked as fast as it always had.

Now what? I love Opera and I love Utorrent.

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