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I am wanting to know if there are settings which can increase the speed of my downloads?

I am using utorrent 2.0.1 beta but for some reason when downloading large files it barely gets above 4-5kbs which is ridiculous.

Any questions just ask.

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That wireless plan says "Up to 1.3Mb upload speeds"...you're getting 0.74 mbit/sec, barely more than half that. Is that because you used a distant server to do a speed test? (England to Paris?)

"I have a wireless desktop connected to a belkin n+ router"

Wireless utterly kills BitTorrent if there's much wireless noise.

Even if not, wireless seems to not handle lots of peer/seed connections at once that wired has no problems with. :(

Sadly, this means you probably will need to set uTorrent's global max connections and per-torrent max connections below 100, maybe even below 60.

Otherwise, I would suggest using 768 kbit/sec upload settings from 2nd link in my signature.

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