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Balancing uTorrent and other Internet usage


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Hi all,

I would like to share what seems to be a case of success in tuning uTorrent so that it allows me to navigate on the Web in a normal condition.

What I had before?

uTorrent working fine - although most of the files I'm downloading present real bad speeds, I owe this to the fact that those are unpopular files (if I correctly understood bittorrent concepts). So, in this regard, I just accepted the fact, and assumed that the program was in good shape.

Browser working bad - no more words

What I did?

I read most of the stuff already written on the subject by you guys and followed Ultima procedures, step-by-step, until I got significant results when lowering maximum global number of connections. I had 300 and reduced it to 40.

What I got

Browser working almost as if uTorrent wasn't there behind the scenes.

uTorrent - Apparently, less scheduled downloads being served at the same time. I have some questions in this regard. Should I post a new topic?

So, thank you guys for having gathered all that info on those fixed posts. At least in my case, they were very useful

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