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another speed problem


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i know this topic has been around and might be boring for others but i really need some help.

i have a SHARED 56kbps dial-up connection. it's not that i'm complaining that my download speed is too slow compared to those who have DSL or 100Mbit connections but, what i'm having is max of 2kB/s, average of 0.5kB/s download speed and max 4 sometimes 5 kB/s upload speed.

is there anything i can do to improve this? my global settings is 5kB/s DL and 4kB/s UL (as suggested).


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That's not what the speed guide suggested in my copy for a connection of your speed. 3KB/s Up is more like it. If you are sharing, try using the settings for 28.8K, which is 2KB/s up, 1 upsload slot, 15 connections max, 1 active torrent going at any one time.

Oh, and turn off things like DHT and PEX unless you have to. With a dial-up connection you really can't afford even miniscule drags like that, period.

Then understand that no client really wants to talk with some IP who is crawling on 56kbps when there are fish with mega uploads waltzing around.

If nobody talks to you for hours on end, in desperation, try cycling the torrent to Stop and then Start. You might get a better lot this time round. On the same token, if you are actually getting a good connection, hang onto it for dear life, for you might not get it again. If you really desperate and the tracker reports enough clients, enter all the IPs you now connect to into ipfilter.dat, enable it, and then cycle your torrent, thus guaranteeing you won't get the same guys. Remember to take these IPs off the ipfilter.dat file when you are done.

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