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uTorrent slows my compuer major down?


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I just bought my a new computer last week, and then i updated uTorrent to latest version, but now when uTorrent is running and i want to unpack a rar. zip... it tages up to 4 mins to unpack a 700 mb file, but when i close uTorrent down it takes me 15 sec.

Why is this so?

Also my Upload speed on uTorrent is slow for the most part, any 1 please help me :)


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No thats the weird part, its 0-1% cpu uses, so its not that that can bee the problem.

Just the weird thing is as soon as i close uTorrent down i can unpack fine, so im sure its uTorrent that is the problem. Just dont know why so.

And thx for replying to my tread.

Oh and its not cause i use the HD to much, its just running at 200-500kb sec. and the HD can handle much more then that :)

After reinstalling the computer and programs, it works fine now, dont know why it behaved like that but problem solved :)

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