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Hide µTorrent


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It would be awesome to be able to hide µTorrent completely, but the program is still running.

I found an old thread created about 2 years ago, and nothing here yet.

Like Adium, no dock icon, just i little icon next to the clock, battery and airport. If it's possible, can you hide µTorrent from cmd+tab to? I don't like to have apps running if I'm not really using it, and µTorrent is a typical background application that just runs, and doesn't need much attention.

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Yea. I would like to see this feature as well. However the previous post seem to be slightly confusing - so let me explain my thoughts if you don't mind.

I would like the option to hide the dock item in the setting but also have an option to have a menubar icon to access the application. Reason being is that uTorrent after all is a "light-weight, low resource" application, therefore is often running behind the scenes. We want to access the application, without having a huge icon placed at the dock as if we would be looking at it constantly (although we might).

Please consider this feature in the next update please. Thank you for you attention. :)

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