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uTorrent 2.1 Alpha bugs found in all versions so far


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Windows 7 32bit.

1. Silent adding of torrents does not work it ALWAYS pops open the window.

2. Status Bar is chopped off (can only see the bottom 1/5th of the status bar)

3. Streaming didn't work on any file I tried that said it had streaming capability all it did was freeze than crash uTorrent

4. When first starting Windows I had to manually minimize uTorrent it always started showing

The first two bugs do not exist in uTorrent 2.0 at all and works perfectly fine in Windows 7. Did some more experimenting and discovered something interesting after getting everything working with uTorrent 2.0 now 2.1 Alpha has the status bar showing now. Seems it might be a bug with the configuration settings or something with uTorrent 2.1 alpha. But the bug with it not adding torrents silently still exists and still opens uTorrent window.

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That is why I said it was interesting. Until I ran the 2.0 the status bar was gone. Even when checked to be shown in 2.1 Alpha but after running 2.0 I rechecked the Status Bar and than it is working fine in 2.1 Alpha now. Not sure why that would be. But any idea why the silent adding of torrents does not work? I had to go back to 2.0 because the popping up of the window interferred with some fullscreen games I played because I have an old torrent downloader called Videora I use that downloads by quality, group, and rss feed selections and really found nothing better for auto downloading torrent episodes by regex commands.

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