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Downloading fails with Diskeeper


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After installing Diskeeper 2010 with enabled IntelliWrite you may notice "FAIL HASH CHECK" error causing failure of downloading and forcing you to recheck files. Along with the error you can also see more bans. If you disable IntelliWrite in Diskeeper you wont get "FAIL HASH CHECK" error anymore.


uTorrent has disabled Windows cache for write I/O operations by default. IntelliWrite has (somehow) hooked all I/O operations in Windows, so when uTorrent circumvent Windows cache it also circumvent IntelliWrite.


Enable Windows caching in uTorrent. Go to Preferences -> Advanced -> Disk Cache -> untick Disable Windows Caching of disk writes.


OS: Windows XP Profesional SP 3

uTorrent version: uTorrent 2.1 Alpha (build 18429)

Diskeeper version: Diskeeper Pro Premier build 896 (14.0.896.0)


fail hash check, intelliwrite, diskeeper, windows cache

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