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random problem with directories


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Hi I have a bit of a confusing problem that I can not figure out. I am using an external hard drive for all my utorrent directories but the program is actually on the pc hdd, anyway I was using one folder for all the new to. and finished to. files so I would have to go through them manually to delete the ones that were done so one day I decided to uncheck the folder I had chosen and let utorrent use it's default folder for finished torrent files because I figured it would be in a temp folder that would empty itself out.

Well it was, it went to C:\Documents and Settings\Local Settings\Temp, the problem is that now I want to go back to the way I had it before and just make a separate folder for finished files and it wont work, I have changed the directories in the preferences to where I want them on the external hdd but it seems the files are going to both the temp folder and the one's I set up sometimes if the torrents load at all, it is freezing when I open torrents and just not working right at all in general. The temp folder is not selected in the directory at all and as I said before all I did was uncheck my chosen folder's in the preferences and since then it's been screwed.

It is kind of working normally but so I am editing my message, I guess I am wondering if it is supposed to put the torrent files in the temp folder and in my chosen folder?

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