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uTorrent: Worst Seeding Offender


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Often when going through the peer list on better clients like Vuze or Transmission, you can easily see uTorrent is the worst offender.

uTorrent doesn't bother to offer pieces and rarely has any upload into the receiving peer. Checking console messages reveals BT_REQUESTS simply go unfulfilled.

To anyone considering uTorrent, look at more friendly clients like Vuze or Transmission. They will at least seed back when possible... uTorrents seeding policy is just down right disgusting.

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Got numbers? Logs? Evidence? Or are you just going to troll?


Yeah, even a Transmission dev has independently tested and observed that µTorrent uploaded more than other clients. Outperformed them by leaps and bounds. Sure, the test was hardly scientifically sound (since it wasn't performed under laboratory conditions), so its results should be taken with a huge grain of salt, but still I'd like to see how you explain the large discrepancy away. Since, after all, µTorrent is such a horrible uploader that doesn't respond to any piece requests -- under any condition it should perform poorly, right? Right?

You'd think that after all these years, people would have noticed such an egregious problem earlier. I guess you just happen to have the magic eye. Regardless, (again) where's your indisputable evidence?

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